The Administration on this wiki involves a group of users who seek to promote it.


1: Captain Warbones - Founder, Half-Active

2: Ben Goldsilver - Administrator, Active

3: Tyler Crossbones - Administrator, Active

4: Blue2095 - Administrator, Active

Administrator ProfilesEdit

Admin profiles can be found here, they give a little info about the admin.

Character Profile: Captain Warbones Edit

Hello, im Captain Warbones. I played pirates for a long time, but i quit a while ago.

Character Profile: Ben GoldsilverEdit

I'm Ben and I have quit pirates long ago....

Character Profile: Tyler Crossbones Edit

I am Tyler Crossbones, oldest active contributor to the wiki, the left hand man to Cap'n Warbones, and administrator of this wiki. I left this wiki for a few months in July 2012 but came back in November 2012. I am currently level 25 on POTCO and the Founder of POTCO Switzerland Wiki, Chat Mod of The BNO Wiki, and Administrator of this wiki. It's a little disappointing to see what the Wiki has fallen too while I was gone, but I think that once our Cap'n gets back, we can fix the wiki. I am the founder of the Wiki Restorers, and currently Admin of FAOTW.

Bio: BlueEdit

I am Blue, a long time ago the wiki was started, then me and Warbones were friends. I came here, posted a little inspiration blog, and then got working. On August 31st 2012 Warbones went inactive, and that's when disaster struck. I am glad that Warbones has decided to come back and repair the wiki. I find it funny that I'm still an admin even though I was pretty much the ' Meanest Person of the Century ' here.