Armed Guard Emblem.

Armed Guard is a guild led by the Crossbones Family.


The Armed Guard was formed by Tyler Crossbones I. It is currently led by Tyler Crossbones II. It also in the future was led by President Michael Crossbones.


HMS Noble Titan.


  1. Leader - Tyler Crossbones
  • Officers
  1. Admiral/General - second and third in command
  2. Commander - Senior Officers
  3. Lieutenant - Officers
  4. Lieutenant Commander - Rear Officer
  • Veterans
  1. Sergeant - Juinor Officer
  2. Corporal - Ensign
  3. Warrant Officer - Officer in training
    Battle of the Shadow

    Ship Battle!


    Swiss Flag.

    Tyler Crossbones

    Lord Tyler Michael Crossbones.

  • Members
  1. Private - Soldier
  2. Cadet - Recruit

How to joinEdit


War on The Imperial MilitaryEdit

November 4th, 1700s

  • Tensions have grown and war has started.
  • The Russian and English Army destroys the Eagle Fleet at Hawaii
  • Switzerland takes France, Spain, and Italy
  • Noble Fleet destroys all provinces of the Imperial Military
  • Switzerland takes Germany and Executes Blue V and his heir, Blue VI. Effectively Ending The 7th Reich of Germany
  • Blue VII is given power

November 4th, 1900s

  • Years after the Imperial War, President Michael Crossbones meets with Blue XIII and signs a peace treaty