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The Dagger is the 4th received weapon in the game. It is similar to the Sword since it looks very much like a 'tiny' sword. The dagger can attack far away like a Gun, or up close like a sword.
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Note: The dagger also comes in two types, Throwing Knives and Dagger

Note: You must be Unlimited Access to hold the mighty dagger.

Note: There is only one legendary dagger that is called Silver Freeze.

Throwing KnivesEdit

Throwing Knives are daggers that are simply ' thrown ' at enemies. You attack normally but should keep a distance since this is ranged.


This weapon is to be used ' up close ' instead of a distance. You attack normally the same but this type also has a ' backstrike ' bonus damage attack. Also instead of throwing knives you get a regular dagger from Elizabeth Swann.