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The Grenade is the 5th recieved weapon in the game. It is similar to the cannon because it looks like a ' tiny cannon ball '. The grenade is mainly used to defeat large groups of enemies at once.

Note : You get the grenade quest at notoriety level 20, to begin the quest you have to visit Jack Sparrow.

Note : The grenade group only has one type of weapon and only one weapon in it.

Note : Only Unlimited Access members can recieve this quest.

Note: Grenades are harder to level than most weapons.


The grenade is just a small, little, black ball that you simply throw at enemies. To throw at enemies just press CTRL, to throw it longer hold down CTRL for more distance ( but you must have the Long Valley skill unlocked to do this ). This weapon also can be used against ships and deal some damage, but it is not powerful as using a real cannon.