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  • William Seasteel


    February 4, 2013 by William Seasteel

    I hereby resign from my posts due to the inactivity of everyone, save Blue and I, who are housekeeping. I am truly sorry to see this Wiki fall to ashes. 

    - Tyler Crossbones, Former Administrator 

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  • William Seasteel


    November 19, 2012 by William Seasteel

    Alright listen up! The POTCO Players Wiki, POTCO Switzerland Wiki, Call of Duty Wiki, My Little Pony Wiki, and POTCO Wiki have all been vandalized. We know not who but we are assuming it is Spanish. I propose lockdown for the Wiki.

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  • William Seasteel

    Role-Play Emergency

    November 10, 2012 by William Seasteel

    From the desk of Tyler Crossbones:

    It has come to my attention, we have a Role-play emergency that I came upon. This is from Philipe V Clemente, King of the Spanish "Republic".

    - T. Crossbones

    In spite of recent events, I'd like to verify a few things, and propose that we agree who truly rules, and ought to rule what, to prevent further wide-spread anarchy.

    As England has literally lost the will to continue fighting, this treaty will for the most part be Pro-Spanish. However, you will find that this treaty is not ultimately benefiting anybody, considering the fact that the nations that I, King Phillipe V Clemente am claiming, were all founded or conquered by myself, and those who serve/served under me.

    I hereby officially diminish The Euro-Holy…

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  • William Seasteel


    November 5, 2012 by William Seasteel

    I have been elected FATOW Admin. The rules are simple.

    • You're page must have a category
    • You're page must be appropriate for the Wiki
    • You're page must have more then one paragraph

    With all this in mind, let the voting begin! :P

    Please nominate in the comments.

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  • William Seasteel

    News of my Return

    October 25, 2012 by William Seasteel

    After my inactivity from this wiki due to overwhelming role-play issues, I now return to the wiki with the intention of expanding our users, adding to pages, and helping with some coding. It's an honor to be back.

    Recent role-play issues have been overwhelming, keeping me from editing on this wiki (which I use for a break from the stressful role-play world). I apologize to those of you who thought I have gone inactive for good. I lost a month of helping the wiki, and now I aim to get it back!

    I believe that now that I have come back, I would be eligible to return to my former rank of administrator. I believe I am suited to be one, as I have been one of the longest members of this wiki, and I am ranked 4th on the leaderboards (The only regula…

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