Wiki Rules

Hello Wikians, Users, Sysops, etc! This page will contain all wiki rules for the wiki, please note that only Administrators can add, subtract, etc on this page. The Rules will come from the Wiki Rules Organization Plan, if you wish to submit a rule please send one on the blog. below will have the Current Rules for the Captain Warbones' 'Wiki.


1. Category Rule: Since the categories got out of hand, this rule stats that you can only add One Category per page. If you wish to add more please contact one of our Administrators. If you are caught breaking this rule you will recieve a warning, after three warnings, you will get banned for Each Category that you posted without permission.

2. Chat Rules: No rude, mean, or offensive words in chat. If you are mean to someone you will be warned one time. If that happens again, after you have been warned the third time, you will be banned. If you see this (being mean) happen to someone, or happens to you, please contact an Admin immediately.

3. Have Fun!

Ban Log

This log accounts for all rules, check on it wisely.

  • 1st Offense - First Warning
  • 2nd Offense - Second Warning
  • 3rd Offense - Final Warning
  • 4th Offense - 2-Hour Ban
  • 5th Offense - 1-Day Ban
  • 6th Offense - 3-Day Ban
  • 7th Offense - 1-Week Ban
  • 8th Offense - 2-Week Ban
  • 9th Offense - 1-Month Ban
  • 10th Offense - 3-Month Ban
  • 11th Offense - 6-Month Ban
  • 12th Offense - 1-Year Ban
  • 13th Offense - Banned Forever